We live in a world where 821 million people go hungry, but do you want to see how agriculture innovation can change that? Agriculture is the primary sector in most developing countries, and should be providing a basic building block to meet this need.  This can be done by providing those communities access to precision agriculture innovations and new sustainable growing methodologies.


LINK answers this by creating high revenue and socially empowering projects in various agricultural industries, including hydroponics, aquaponics, livestock farming, and food processing systems. We believe that agricultural success lies in the ability to make smart, precise decisions and ensure adaptability under any circumstances. With this understanding, we provide circular economy solutions and turnkeys projects to improve food quality and sustainability. Through optimization we are on the path to lower this figure and have a positive direct effect on the lives of many. For example, through greenhouse specifications and crop analysis we have solutions that can help farmers produce more crops, more easily.


The same goes for livestock, with our solutions, farmers can raise more livestock on less land; meaning more production and success for small farmers. In addition, LINK’s technologies create less produce waste while optimizing yield.

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