Would you be surprised to know that waste is a global, acute challenge affecting all of humanity? Instead of viewing it as a problem, LINK views waste as a resource, and enables cities to create highly profitable waste repurposing economies. We offer modular solutions for waste repurposing into available energy, raw manufacturing materials, agricultural enhancements or construction materials. We have worked incessantly to create a comprehensive, decentralized, modular and smart waste economy solution to stop the vicious waste cycle.


At LINK, we see the need to create a relevant solution for each community that is truly sustainable. For some communities this means grassroots incentive systems and for others, fully automated processes. Everything can be recycled or repurposed, and with this in mind, we offer cutting edge technological solutions to properly sort and repurpose waste. When done correctly, you can turn a community’s waste into their wealth as well as reduce poverty and disease.

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