What we do

Research, Analysis & Consulting

LINK’s consulting packages and feasibility studies give you the insights needed to make clear and confident business decisions. Our industry experts are at your service - skip the piles of data and go straight to the insights to ensure a comprehensive due diligence process for technologies, companies, and projects.

Exposure Tours

LINK has organized dozens of business-oriented tours in the fields of water, waste, agriculture and more. Each expo-tour is tailor-made to the interests of the participants. Private B2B meetings with senior officials is part of the service, to make sure you develop strong, sustainable connections to best pursue your ventures.

Project Planning & Management

LINK plans and manages project implementation to ensure the growth and empowerment you are looking for. We coordinate plans with actual progress and keep the project within time, budget, and KPIs.

Sustainable Marketing

LINK projects lead you to new business ventures that demand creative marketing strategies, platforms, and implementation. Our marketing team will provide you with a complete solution to synergistically ensure community creation and project sustainability.

How we do it

We start with listening to what you need and want before anything gets put on paper. We visit the factories, the farms, the offices; we talk to the people on the ground and once we clearly understand what you have asked for, then we get down to work. We apply our data-driven methodologies to make effective decisions. We craft your project plan with every step clearly outlined to give you the best value possible. We get you the best technological solutions, raise awareness about your project and provide the due diligence to assure sustainability. Together, we create a better future for your people. This is our main purpose. This is LINK.

What’s in it for you?

We give simple, cost-effective solutions to complex challenges through our sustainable business development infrastructure. You receive the insights you need to make confident business decisions which fast tracks your growth in the market. Our clients have our guidance, support, and consultation from start to finish and become a part of the LINK team that builds, supports, and oversees every phase until successful project completion.

We make SDG compliance a main priority which brings an added benefit eligibility for additional funding from international organizations. Access to a strategic network with strong B2B relationships is a massive advantage. We will arrange private B2B meetings with senior officials in relevant companies to be sure you develop the connections you need. Your success is our top priority and it shows.

Simple, Cost-Effective Solutions to Complex Challenges

Fast Track and Growth in your Market

Guidance, Support & Consultation from Start to Finish

SDG Compliance

Exposure to new technologies and solutions

Sustainable business development infrastructure

Access to a strategic networks

High Caliber Project Management

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