Our Motivations

LINK is based on 5 basic values that drive the work that we do.


Where others see damage, we see hope. What drives us is that most of the challenges that come to our table exist because many have given up trying to fix them.


Second is resilience. We don’t break under pressure, we remain courageous and become stronger.


Third is empowerment. We believe that true empowerment is the ability to create sustainable solution projects that achieve your goals, remain in effect, and retain impact for the long run.


Efficiency is the fourth and is based off of our working method to maintain transparency, communication, and simplicity with all of our partners and clients in order to keep projects rolling at all times.


Last but not least, is our fifth value, people. At LINK, it is all about the people, not just numbers. We have built a community of employees and clients around the world that make up the LINK community. These culturally diverse teams come together to inform and expose us to new challenges from grassroots perspectives and to create and implement the holistic solutions needed. Our business partners and clients all make up the LINK community.

Meet the team

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Emily Winkler


Emily Neilson-Winkler, the CEO and Founder of LINK believes that if you do good through good business, you will see how good business can be. She is a serial entrepreneur with five innovative service companies under her belt and has created one of the largest Israeli-African B2B networks. Emily is active in promoting Israeli innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and has spoken at numerous venues globally. Through her many ventures, she aims to show other aspiring entrepreneurs that anything is possible.

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Olena Fuklyeva

Eastern Europe Director

- Eastern Europe -

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John Ayayee

Western Africa Director

- Western Africa -

Southern U.S.A

Southern Africa

Western Africa

HQ - Israel

Eastern Europe

Western Europe

“ If you have access to world changing innovations, you have no right not to change the world.”

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