Yes, water is a basic human right but let’s get serious about the actuality of the global water economy. The facts are, water is a scarce life source and if trends continue unchecked, it will only get worse. The water industry has a huge humanitarian factor to it but is also highly revenue efficient – as “necessity is the mother of invention”.


LINK has the means to provide circular economic solutions and turn-key projects to reduce water loss, enhance access to safe water, and create sustainable water management economies. We do this by bringing together the world’s leading water innovations and strategically piece together the right solution for each client, city, state or region. There are 2.1 billion humans worldwide lacking clean drinking water at home and so we bravely face one of today’s most complicated challenges. Our solutions range from sea-water desalination to satellite-based leakage detection in order to solve infrastructure issues effectively. This includes, access to a satellite-based detection solution that uses an innovative method to not only stop wasting existing water, but also to repair leaks. We can also provide modular and mobile solutions for communities that lack water sources in their proximity, whether the source be sea, brackish or fresh water.


LINK offers its strategy, planning, and implementation of simplified solutions for complicated challenges. We have you covered for the solution you need.

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